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Financial Experts

The divorce process involves the evaluation of assets, liabilities, income and expenses both current and future. The qualified financial experts will help the clients gain knowledge, acquire a better understanding of finances, develop strategies and find answers to complex issues while minimizing the income tax effects of divorce. Common financial/tax strategies provided by the

Collaborative Financial Expert: include:

  •  Assist the clients with an appropriate understanding of finances;
  • Understand the clients’ financial position and document all the elements along with cash flows;
  • Draft the family marital balance sheet and segregate pre-marital assets through analytical procedures;
  • Provide guidance and assist with developing detailed household budgets.;
  • Help interpret financial settlement options and the impact upon the clients, post-divorce using custom tailored models;
  • Assist with acquiring asset valuations on investments, retirement plans, businesses, personal property (both tangible and intangible), real property, stock options and other valuables;
  • Identify and inform the clients of insurance needs and changes including: health, disability, life, general liability and umbrella coverage, property, riders, long-term care;
  • Address child support and alimony options and recommend optimal solutions;
  • Incorporate federal and state income tax projection throughout the process;
  • Address tax matters and develop strategies to eliminate or delay their impact upon the entire family including estate and gift taxes to beneficiaries.Gain an understanding of the families’ needs both currently and in the future taking into consideration possible contingencies and risks;
  • Work with the appropriate parties and experts to develop a risk reduction strategy that is both affordable and desirable by all parties involved.

The ideal financial professional has the proper credentials, training and hands on experience necessary to address the personal financial issues that a divorcing family will face. As a critical part of the team he/she will often times bring balance, relief, practical solutions and innovative ideas relating to the financial impact of divorce

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